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Art Mania Studios are dedicated to bringing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities together for a creative experience like no other.

Art Mania Studios are dedicated to bringing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities together for a creative experience like no other.We love supporting everyone on their journey to explore their creative side. Creativity brings people to their happy place as they get into the flow and bring their artwork to life.

Here at Art Mania Studios, we specialise in providing a variety of creative experiences for all different age groups and abilities. We offer traditional and unique creative classes where you get to learn new skills and techniques.Our friendly teachers are practicing artists who are passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge in developing your creative skills.

We are all about supporting one another, lifting people’s spirits up and looking after everyone’s health and well-being.

  • Join one of our extensive range of creative classes.
  • Purchase one of our art packs or art supplies.
  • Buy one of our original artworks.
  • Participate in a corporate team building workshop tailored for you.
  • Host your child’s birthday party at our studios.


Explore our range of classes and start getting creative!

Art Classes

Join us as we explore art within a stimulating, creative environment of like minded people. Each of us is unique & valuable and our courses encourages participants to find their own voice.


There’s so much therapeutic benefit when it comes to getting clay under your nails! It’s creative, tactile and calming – and best of all, the pottery techniques can be learned!


Does your child love to express themselves? We offer expert tuition in a variety of art styles to inspire their creativity, engage their mind & develop their skills.


We’re here to support you on your artistic journey from the first steps.
Check out our carefully chosen Art Supplies collection.

Ignite your creativity

Get connected with your creative side with Art Mania Studios.

Use your imagination, look at things in a different way and have fun, all within a supportive and inclusive environment. We encourage you to express yourself freely and be the best self that you can! Everyone has it inside them – that inner artist that is waiting to reveal themselves to the world.

Winter Solstice

We had a wonderful time hosting a Winter Solstice event at Art Mania last month! It was a casual affair, with a pot luck/bring a meal theme. Thanks to...


Art Mania Studios acknowledges the Awabakal People whose land we are on.

We pay our respects to elders past present and future. We acknowledge that art is an important method of communication for Indigenous Australians and endeavour to show our respect through our art.

Baiame is the creator spirit of the Hunter Region. He is painted on a cave in the Upper Hunter and looks out across the valley. Baiame is depicted with no mouth as he doesn’t make comments and he has no arms or feet as his limbs are outstretched to take in all that he sees.  Baiame also has a tail as he is not just a human spirit but animal as well. Like Baiame, Art Mania Studios is an inclusive place that welcomes all to create.