Making & Music: Psychedelic Fun!

The winning combination of music and art was on full show last weekend at the first of our Making and Music sessions, created and run by our amazing teacher Jade Perry. Each session explores a different musical and artistic genre, and this session was all about Woodstock era music and its close companion, psychedelic art! […]

Winter Solstice

We had a wonderful time hosting a Winter Solstice event at Art Mania last month! It was a casual affair, with a pot luck/bring a meal theme. Thanks to some generous cooks, the smells of lamb stew, chicken curry, lasagne and pasta bake wafted through the studio and enticed us to the table. We had […]

Global Day of Parents

How we raise our children may be cause for many disagreements, but we can all agree that no matter our parenting philosophy, it is hard! I am raising two teenage boys by myself, and our oldest is going through Year 12- a stressful time for all of us, compounded by our family coming down with […]