Art Mania Studios is your happy place! Join our creative community hub where we run a variety of art classes for adults, teenagers and children.

We offer block courses, weekly and fortnightly classes and workshop events. Our large warehouse space allows us to socially distance groups safely, and we are a registered COVID-safe business.

Our classes give you the opportunity to develop techniques & build skills, finding your own styles & methods along the way. We run classes during the day, at night and on weekends so no matter your life/work situation, we have you covered.


Explore a range of artistic techniques and complete various multi-sensory projects in this fun weekly class. We open our doors to people from all walks of life to help them discover their creativity, make new friends and tap into their creative brain. A great medium to dive in to for any skill level.


Glass fusing is the technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln. There are many different glass fusing techniques that result in a variety of options- we will encourage you to explore and experiment! Create artworks, homewares and ornaments, “paint” with powdered glass, learn about glass colours and how they react to heat. We will guide you through a project and work with your interests and skill level.

Glass Leadlight

In glass leadlight class we make the art of coloured glass design modern and accessible. We teach you to design your own leadlight piece, learn to cut and shape glass, construct and solder your piece and much more! We will guide you through the project and work with your interests and skill level.

Resin Class

Creating with resin is popular right now- learn how to use it in our weekly resin classes! Learn about colouring and handling resin, how it sets, how to use moulds. Make jewellery, trinket bowls, serving boards, coasters- resin is so versatile and lots of fun to work with.

Creative Drawing

An introduction to methods and techniques used in the wonderful world of drawing. The classes are designed to be very systematic and gradual to enable each student to overcome the challenges often experienced in learning to draw.

Expressive Drawing

A course in exploring expressive drawing using both traditional and experimental techniques and mediums, including ink, watercolour, charcoal and graphite. Suited to students with experience and is a perfect transition from the creative drawing course.

Watercolours for Beginners

Learn to master the colourful world of watercolour in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Taught by an experienced practising watercolour artist, learn traditional and experimental techniques to create vibrant and colourful watercolour paintings.

Small Groups

We have launched small groups this year to cater for those who prefer a quieter group setting and more targeted teaching and guidance in their creative experience.